Female Close Protection Officers

Girl power takes a new turn on the horizon

In an industry that is dominated nearly exclusively by men, the demand for female Bodyguards is on the rise, opening new doors to women who want to take up on a new challenge. Indeed, more and more celebrities and dignitaries use the services of women.

High Net-Worth Individuals and celebrities are now opting for female operatives for their security to keep a low profile.

One of our female Bodyguards, considers that: “being a female has its advantages. There aren’t many female operators within the industry and well-trained female operators can become quite niche and sought after”. With unique abilities, women are given a privileged position in this industry, demonstrating that they are more than competent for the job at hand.

In contrast, women Bodyguards can blend in the principal’s entourage and be mistaken for a personal assistant, or a friend, which is a more discreet option and ensures that the client stays unnoticed. As a result, when it comes to size or look, a woman Bodyguard doesn’t need to look imposing and “as hard as nails”, she should simply just look like the girl next door.

On the ground, brain power is more important than muscle power; operatives must think on their feet to make dynamic, strategic decisions to prevent a situation from happening. This prevails on their appearance!

Additionally, female Bodyguards are also a better fit for families, as young children are less intimidated by the presence of a woman. They can easily pass for the children’s nanny or mother, when doing the school run or taking them to a park, which minimises the risk of getting unwanted attention.

Women bodyguards have certain qualities that set them apart, or can provide additional value to a Close Protection team, when men and women are working together on the same task. Their softer skills prove to be an asset in managing conflicts, with fewer chances that confrontations will turn violent.

Besides, their attention to details and organisational skills are some of the key skills they possess that ensures safe planning and that the job can run smoothly.

Female Bodyguards it must be said also have a better handle on Etiquette and Diplomacy with the softer skills shining through.

We are the first if not only company in Zimbabwe to provide qualified female Bodyguards, all highly-experienced in Close Protection. A lot of our female operatives also speak several languages to facilitate contact in the country, when you are travelling.

So, if you have any requirements for the service of a female Bodyguard, please contact us now.