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Anti-poaching Dogs -Makuti

Dogs have proven themselves irreplaceable across conservation and law enforcement disciplines. With wildlife trafficking reaching alarming levels throughout the world and much of the contraband originating from Africa it’s high time we up our measures against poachers . We all have a role to play in this fight.

VIP and Close Protection Services

The Ryder Team of Executive Protection Specialists meets the highest standards of professional expertise, integrity, character, and physical and mental fitness. Our team comprises fully qualified and highly experienced former law enforcement officers and military professionals with distinguished service records who practise the most up-to-date concepts and methodologies in the field and maintain the professional skills …

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Private Investigations

Many organisations suspect or know that they are the victims of fraud. Suspected activities might range from petty theft to major fraud. Internal controls intended to prevent fraud may be incomplete or out of date. Thieves are increasingly adept and sophisticated, and the strategies to thwart them must be tactical and cutting-edge. Fraud is most …

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Tracking, Sniffing and Detection Training

The dog will learn: Confidence Drive Building Familiarisation Socialisation Hunt Development Odour Recognition – Imprinting on Human Scent Following a Track to Source Proofing with Various Distractions Superdog SniffingImprinting ActionOne of the hardest parts of the dog’s training is imprinting:  Teaching the dog what the scent is and for him to remember it. A simple …

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Obedience Training

Training needs to remain a game to the dog. Too much training leads to boredom and the dog will lose drive and interest. Training sessions are short and precise…