Peter Maguwu

Peter holds a certificate in VIP and Close Protection, Explosive Detection and Handling Services, certified by the United Nations Basic Security in the Field.  He holds a firearm and VIP Protection Certificate from the South African Safety and Security Training Authority (SASSETA).  He is a security strategist with in-depth experience in security planning and threat detection, and the provision of reliable, professional Tier One security and VIP Protection. Forensic Investigator certified by the International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals USA,Inc.

He has provided consultancy services and security plans to a wide range of companies and executives to date.  He was involved in over-seeing the execution of the security plan for the Soccer World Cup in Durban, South Africa, during which he also provided security services for individual clients. After graduating from Mine Dog School, he gained a huge amount of experience working in furnace-hot Iraq under the USA Department of Defence Contract, providing security to the Iraq Tier One details, the President, two Prime Ministers, and the speaker of Parliament working alongside such elite teams as the FBI and Navy Seals.

In 2010, he left Mine-Tech and went freelance, handling VIP protection and private investigation, and attaining international certification in Security Surveying, Planning and Evaluation.  He is certified with world renowned Sentinel Security Academy of South Africa, and is currently studying for the Zimbabwe Institute of Management Diploma in Security Management. In 2012, the Maguwu brothers decided to form their own company and Ryder Protection Services Zimbabwe was born.