About Us

Code of Ethics

At Ryder Protection Services we understand that our work provides us with a responsibility to our profession, clients, subjects of each investigation, protection and the general public. We further realise that certain actions or lack of action on our part can have adverse consequences to our profession, clients, subjects of each case and witnesses

Our Mission

To provide professional, practical, job orientated training and security consultancy services of all levels to our valued clients

Our Vision

To be the most successful private security firm commanding the position of ideal  growth driven by passion for technological advancement and market share leadership in the provision of dog training and security services  being a well-organized professional employer within the country and the region. With respect to fundamental human and animal rights

Our Core Values

All the staff members of Ryder Protection Services are dedicated to quality service and as such we believe in the following core values


We will always, regardless of personal inconvenience, make that extra effort to assist our clients and to achieve safety and peace.


We are open to change as an on-going process leading to success and prosperity for our clients.


We accept full responsibility for all our decisions and actions


We believe that all trainees and staff have the right to an equal opportunity for success in their career


We believe that integrity is the underlying value governing all our professional relationships.


We are loyal to the Government of Zimbabwe’s mission of providing professional security services.

Unlimited thinking

By working together, we believe our clients and we can develop new and imaginative ways of solving problems.


We set the highest standards of performance for ourselves; we aim to get it right, the first time, and every time.

Sound communication

We believe in complete, open and honest communication at all levels with our clients.

Management Team

Peter Maguwu

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Peter holds a certificate in VIP and Close Protection, Explosive Detection and Handling Services, certified by the United Nations Basic Security in the Field.  He holds a firearm and VIP Protection Certificate from the South African Safety and Security Training Authority (SASSETA).  He is a security strategist with in-depth experience in security planning and threat detection, and the provision of reliable, professional Tier One security and VIP Protection. Forensic Investigator certified by the International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals USA,Inc.

He has provided consultancy services and security plans to a wide range of companies and executives to date.  He was involved in over-seeing the execution of the security plan for the Soccer World Cup in Durban, South Africa, during which he also provided security services for individual clients. After graduating from Mine Dog School, he gained a huge amount of experience working in furnace-hot Iraq under the USA Department of Defence Contract, providing security to the Iraq Tier One details, the President, two Prime Ministers, and the speaker of Parliament working alongside such elite teams as the FBI and Navy Seals.

In 2010, he left Mine-Tech and went freelance, handling VIP protection and private investigation, and attaining international certification in Security Surveying, Planning and Evaluation.  He is certified with world renowned Sentinel Security Academy of South Africa, and is currently studying for the Zimbabwe Institute of Management Diploma in Security Management. In 2012, the Maguwu brothers decided to form their own company and Ryder Protection Services Zimbabwe was born.

Stanford Maguwu

K-9 Director

Stanford Maguwu is a certified security detail and professional dog trainer and handler who has trained many dogs deployed to South Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Kosovo, Kuwait and other countries.  He has extensive security and dog handling experience, working with the USA Department of Defence and United Nations Peace Operation Missions. He has worked with the South African Police on various rhino anti-poaching missions in both South Africa and Botswana. In 2005, he underwent basic De-Mining Training, then in 2007, was selected by a rigorous process for a one year residential course at Mine Dog School in South Africa.  The training comprised a mix in roughly equal amounts of time spent on practical dog training, theoretical training, and dog walking and socialising. The students studied animal behaviour, dog management and care, basic veterinary training, kennel management, detection, identification and handling of explosives and landmines and narcotics detection, with many tests along the way and theoretical and practical exams at the end, culminating in internationally recognised certification.

Thereafter, Stanford was immediately despatched to Afghanistan for his first six month stint. After a month on home leave, the next six month posting would begin.  Wearing bullet proof vest, helmet and heavy long-sleeved protective clothing in temperatures usually of 50° to 60°C, based at the UN Mine Action Centre, Stanford and his fellow dog handlers moved around with the Explosives Ordnance Despatch Team and Mine Dogs, locating landmines and explosives, which were then destroyed. Stanford continuously stacked up excellent experience working as a dog handler extensively in Afghanistan, Iran and South Sudan. As well as his original Mine Dog Training and De-Mining Certification, Stanford has been additionally Certified through a one year residential Dog Handler Trainers’ Course in South Africa with Ex-Log Canine Services, a UK-based company. He has also attended a six month full time residential Dog Handling and Advanced Dog Training Course in Texas, USA, approved and certified by the US army.  On graduating from this course, he worked for the American Canine Detection Service, contracted by the US Army, for 18 months.

Grace Madzivanyika

Board Secretary

Appointed to the board on 2014 and appointed as the Board Secretary, Grace hold an undergraduate bachelor of Law Degree from the University of Zimbabwe 2008-2013, she is a law society of Zimbabwe registered legal practitioner. Her profound legal expertise is of great importance in guiding our day to day operations. Grace has been very instrumental in the growth of the organisation, a shrewd individual who always want things done accordingly and results oriented.

Rachel Chitambara


Appointed Business Administrator since May 2022. Rachel holds a Diploma in Business Administration certified by Christian College Of Southern Africa (CCOSA), from 2004 – 2005. She has determination to see the vision of the organisation come to reality.